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Greetings Music Lovers.
I am a member of “The Guild of International Songwriters and Composers”. Thank you for visiting my web page on the website showcasing some of my many songs. These are currently available for interested artistes.
A bit about me:
I’m a dreamer, a writer, a friend and a lover
A designer, an optimist, a poet, and a mother
A composer and artist, a cook and wine taster
A traveller, astrologer, sun lover, time waster
I’m a joker, a laugher, a dieter and dancer
A critic, producer, an eccentric romancer
Just a student in the University of Life
There’s still so much to do
There’s still so much to see
Best of all I’m Free
Free to be “Just Me”.
[Extract from “Just Me” © Valerie Anne Lloyd]
Below are some of my songs produced as professional demos by SCAMP Studio – I hope you like them

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